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Since 2001

Faster, safer, and better mobility

The MINI has been a member of the Gady Family since its relaunch in 2001. A small car that brings great pleasure. For decades, the MINI Cooper has been considered to be more than just a car. It represents an attitude to life, it sends a message. A real Gady, therefore.

The MINI appears familiar and yet it is remarkably different. Our experts know this. Our customers appreciate it. Because of them, Gady has become the largest MINI Partner in southern Austria.

Anyone driving a Gady values a high degree of individuality.
The Gady Family puts things in motion in a different way.

Today's MINI is faster, safer, and more connected than many switchboards. It leaves a new impression on the streets of Styria. MINI captures the spirit of the time in its most positive form. The brand has grown up and delights the individual aesthete.

When people see a MINI a smile appears on their face - whether they are more mature or still young. Just like the MINI is not like other cars, so too its fans stand apart from other people. This makes them Gady fans. They know: Gady is simply different from any other car dealership in the world. It is unique. It sends a message. It is a Gady.

MINI Models

MINI 3-door

Individualist out of tradition

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MINI 5-doors

The same driving characteristics. More room!

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MINI Cabrio

Always facing the sun

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MINI Clubman

Ready for new conquests

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MINI Countryman

All-rounder in top form

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Why buy from Gady MINI?

Six reasons why you should buy your vehicle from Gady MINI

1. Attitude to life

The MINI is much more than a car, it is a way of life, a passion. The Gady Family MINI team lives this enthusiasm every day. And this enthusiasm is contagious: Gady MINI customers notice this from advice to service.

2. Offer

The Gady Family is the largest MINI partner in southern Austria. The entire range of breathtaking new cars is offered, as are many attractive new and used cars.

3. Quality

The Gady Family has stood for outstanding quality for decades. With the product, with advice and with service.


4. Zeitgeist 

MINI is the best of the times. The young, dedicated Gady Family MINI team represents this zeitgeist. Authentic, with enthusiasm and a lot of fun.


5. Service 

In our state-of-the-art workshops with well-trained employees, your MINI is in the best hands. Only if you are pleased, we are pleased too.

6. Mini Community 

We offer you more than a first-class car and the best service. The Gady MINI Community is a platform for MINI enthusiasts and enterprising people. Common activities with a high fun factor are carried out regularly.

Gady MINI locations

An overview of our MINI locations

Gady MINI locations

An overview of our MINI locations

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Gady Family bewegt

Gady Family bewegt

Gady = Kundenbegeisterung. Das ist die Formel E – wie Erfolg. Das Wertequartett: Tradition, Vertrauen, Leistung und Stolz. Es geht um mehr als Autos. Bei uns dreht sich alles um die Freude an der Bewegung.


Seit mehr als 80 Jahren beschäftigen wir uns mit dem Thema Mobilität. Derzeit sind mehr als 60 Lehrlinge in Ausbildung. Diese werden unter Anleitung erfahrener Lehrmeister zu den Fachkräften von morgen ausgebildet.


Handschlagqualität wird bei uns seit jeher gelebt. Das ist eines unserer Erfolgsgeheimnisse. Einerseits Vertrauen in die eigene Leistung, andererseits können Sie darauf vertrauen, dass Sie mit uns ihren besten Partner in allen Fragen rund um Ihr Fahrzeug haben.


Bestens ausgebildete und motivierte Fachleute vom Verkäufer bis hin zu den Werkstättenteams bieten Service auf höchstem Niveau. Mit Begeisterung, Know-how und persönlicher Beziehung erfüllen wir Ihre individuellen Wünsche.

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